5 habits to achieve your goals sooner

We can all dream big, but how do we make our dreams become reality? This blog will hopefully give you some tips to realise more of your dreams.

#1 Dream or goal The first habit of realising your dreams in clarifying the difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is an image of the objective and a goal is an objective with a plan and timeline. The moment you start quantifying when you want to achieve which dreams they become goals and you know where you are working towards. This makes it possible to break down the goal in sub goals and make it achievable.

#2 Eat and drink well If you make sure your body has the appropriate fuel you can sustain a longer period of focus. A few tips on food for focus are to cut out the consumption of red meat and alcohol as this requires a lot of energy to break down and doesn't add any cognitive value in comparison to other food and drinks. Secondly there are foods which can increase brain activity such as walnuts, blueberries, coffee, chocolate, green tea, broccoli, spinach, kale and omega 3 oil.

#3 Have an area where you can focus It is proven that working and living in the space reduces the productivity during the hours of work and prevents you from disconnecting when you're at home but not working. An easy and affordable way to prevent this is renting a desk at Grays inn Desks for as little as £200 a month including, Wi-Fi, tea and coffee. Having this space where you come to get work done creates a link in your brain that associates a location with a mental state of focus and creativity.

#4 Make an achievable to-do list Do this at the beginning of the day, or at the end of the day for the next day, so you know where you'll be working on in stead of starting up with opening your email box and let other people decide where you're working on that day. This enables you to plan ahead and work on the goals you set out to achieve.

#5 Plan time for non-work Plan time for thought sessions, time to disconnect in a park and fun time with friends, family, your partner or pet. These can be mini rewards for hard work done and refuel your ability to focus and work on your projects.

We hope this will benefit you with finding a good balance of enjoying your work, your private life and achieving your goals. We hope to see you soon at our co-working office at 160-164 Grays inn road, London. You can rent a desk from £17,50 a day, £200 a month for a co-working space, £300 for a dedicated desk or £1,650 for a private office for 6 people.

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